My Guest is Rachel Murphy

Rachel Murphy

Rachel has worked over the past twenty years as a youth director, foster parent, mentor to young adults and is a mom to five children (ages 7-23). Through the years she became aware of how many teens are lacking easily taught life skills that would help them as they launch out on their own. Her family started Raising Confident Teens to help teach life and leadership skills to teens and their parents. She is the main host of the Raising Confident Teens podcast. Her three teens take turns co-hosting, and her husband Keith is the technical wizard behind it all. Rachel is also the moderator over at the Raising Confident Teens Community on Facebook, a community designed to support and empower parents as they navigate preparing their teens to launch out on their own.

SPECIAL OFFER  Since she knew so many families were struggling with things for their teens to do beyond watching TV/playing video games during COVID, She came up with a list of 25 skill building activities that you can do with your teen. It has some great ideas for parents and teens to learn new skills, connect, and have fun!

Who She Serves

She helps parents teach their teens life and leadership skills so that when they graduate they will be confident, productive adults.

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