My Guest is Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan is a Creator & Communicator, telling stories on pages & stages. His childhood dream was to be a cartoon. (Zoinks!) When he realized that wasn’t possible he became the next best thing – an Artist. He loves sharing experiences and making connections through his art, and helping fellow frustrated artists and creatives establish a daily creative habit of their own. Take your creativity to a new level through the help of his course (, his podcast “Creative Chats”, and experience Mike’s art at


Check out his free facebook group the Daily Creative Habit.

Who He Serves

He serve "creatives". What He calls Artists, Makers and Content Creators. He believes we are all creative (and reflect our Creator when doing so). It's just some have left it on the side lines, others struggle with the journey & process. He holds space for conversations to encourage people on their creative journey.

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