My Guest is Taylor Phillips

Taylor Phillips

Taylor is a Jesus lover, wife, and author. She has spent much of her writing life creating a community of people hungry to grow deeper in their walk with God. She is passionate about seeing people walk in their God-given identity and passionately pursue Him in every area of their life. Her first book "Training Ground: From Anointing to Appointing" is about the journey from anointing to appointing. From being called by God to walking in that calling. It’s a training manual that removes our fleshly motives and replaces it with a purity of heart in pursuing Him toward the calling He has given us. Her book releases in November/December of this year.

Who She Serves

Taylor's audience is women who are aged 23-35. Women who are hungry to grow deeper in their relationship with God and live outside of the status quo. Women who love being challenged to grow and encouraged to continue doing what God has called them to do.

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