My Guest is Nannette Foster  with True North Training Grounds

Nannette Foster

Nannette is a mentor, minister of inner healing, jewelry artist, and everyday prophet. Founder of the True North Training Grounds mentor certification program, Nannette trains and equips spiritually and emotionally intuitive Daughters of God (who she calls Underestimated Warriors) to go from Wounded to warrior and break through to their God-given purpose. Nannette lives in spectacular Kodiak, Alaska with her boat captain husband, Jay, and their two beautiful children.


Nannette is directing spiritually and emotionally intuitive Daughters of God to my free private Facebook group Underestimated Warriors. In this group, She offers free weekly trainings and access to upcoming challenges and events.

Who She Serves

Nannette mentors spiritually and emotionally sensitive Christian young women from wounded to warrior, and on to mentoring others.

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