My Guest is Mike Hendrick

Mike Hendrick

Mike Hendrick is 42 years old and lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He is actively involved serving along side his pastor of 29 years at Ripple Centre a small non denominational church and is an emerging prophetic minister. Mike comes from a strong Christian Heritage, being a 4th generation Christian. Mike also carries a real heart and love for the United States of America and feels a call to the city of San Francisco California to be one who brings hope to that region. He is presently in the final editing stages of his first book overcoming fear from a Christian perspective. This book should be released on Amazon in the next month or two and is called "The Fear Pandemic," which explores scriptural principles of overcoming fear, while interweaving his testimony in it of overcoming fear. At the age of 17 Mike had a supernatural encounter with the Lord, which changed the course of his life forever. During his childhood and early young adult years, Mike went through years of abuse, bullying, and rejection from peers in school and the work world. He has come through a healing journey over the last few years, and has been able to testify to people of God's hope and healing for their lives. He has also been able to go back to places where he was wounded and hurt as a child and been able to meet up with people who knew him when he was younger and bring a message of hope and forgiveness.

Who He Serves

He speaks to church congregations primarily and tries to encourage others in his day to day life. He speaks on a wide variety of topics including hope, the prophetic, healing, forgiveness etc

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