My Guest is Cristi Schroeder - Altered Story

Christi Shroeder

Cristi Schroeder is a multi-passionate social impact entrepreneur. She helps women of faith create the life of their dreams while making a lasting difference in the lives of others. She does this by connecting and equipping a Sisterhood of everyday Christian leaders to pursue God's purposes, together. She wholeheartedly believes that as we alter our own stories for good, we can change the world! As a pastor's wife of over 20 years, she understands the unique challenges that come with leadership, and her heart's desire is to make sure that no one has to lead alone and that everyone can experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Discover 5 practical ways you can grow reciprocal, healthy, 2-way friendships... even as a busy Christian leader!

Who She Serves

She helps her Sisterhood of "Leading Ladies" to alter their own stories and change the world by inviting a different character into her story, each month. The Sisterhood rotate through inviting God, ourselves, our family/friends and exploring connections with people we don't know. 

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