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Tiffany Donley

She is a wife of 24 years and the mother of three beautiful daughters and believes wholeheartedly that family is her first priority. Due to that passion and desire, she has been a stay at home mother for over 16 years as she refuses to compromise the ORDER of God for mammon or a career. Her greatest achievement, joy, and success comes from seeing what she has built in her home, and because of her faithfulness to "family first" God has blessed the works of her hands and graced her with multiple streams of income through her very own company called Lydia Marketplace LLC where she contracts others who share this same passion as work from home call center agents. 

 She flows up under a heavy Prophetic mantle and the Evangelist called and sent ye into all the world to preach the message of salvation and prepare a people ready for the coming of the Lord. She has the heart of a Pastor, and mentor's and serves as pastoral component to many near and far. She is a fluent Teacher of the word of God, instructing people in Kingdom principles whereby they may grow up and reach their full maturity in the things of God. Above all, she is loves to serve God's people and understands that she has been chosen and ordained by God and called to the Kingdom for such a time as this!


Who She Serves

She serves Christian women who want to reach their full potential in God, but are in need of the assistance of the MIDWIFE to see to it that they don’t allow the PAIN they have encountered STOP them from PUSHING, BRINGING FORTH, and BIRTHING OUT what God has placed on the inside of them.

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